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When it comes to outstanding IT express delivery, bigger isn't always better.  In fact, national brand courier services often leave you feeling like you are little more than a number and you rarely speak to the same person twice!

PRS AIR IT and PRS AIR Elite, with our 28 years of experience, take a different approach.  We know your name and treat you as one of our own.  We're right here, close at hand, making it easier for you and your associates to access the best International and U.S. Domestic IT delivery services available.

For international shipments, PRS AIR IT will complete all of your customs export paperwork, and our expert customs brokerage teams will have your material cleared quickly and efficiently.   

If your IT equipment is loose and requires packing, we have good news!  PRS AIR IT offers professional packing services as well!  

Give us a call or email us before you plan your next IT equipment move!